Ozzy Tells Bill Ward to ‘Stop Playing the Victim’

When Black Sabbath‘s drummer Bill Ward decided not to perform at the band’s reunion shows back in 2012, it caused a rift between his bandmates. After reports surfaced that Black Sabbath is in the process of recording their last album, Ward went on social media to address why he is not on the upcoming project. “With a sad heart, I have to say I will not participate in any musical undertakings until a righting of the wrongs spoken against me has been achieved. I must admit, I have little to no expectations of this happening,” Ward wrote on Facebook. 

The drummer said that in order for the matter to be resolved, he would need an apology from his former bandmate Ozzy Osbourne. Ward initially said that he didn’t perform at the reunion shows three years ago, because of contractual reasons. He believes that Osbourne has publicly scrutinized him, and Ward wants Osbourne to admit to his wrongdoings. “In order of first things first, I’m looking for an honest accountability of all of Ozzy’s statements that I felt were untrue. I would want Ozzy to amend his opinions and exaggerations,” Ward wrote. He continued, “I would want him to be forthcoming about his unrealistic viewpoints. And because I was chastised publicly, I would want him to amend publicly in his words, and not through an Ozzy representative, the nature of the wrongs.” 

Ward’s lengthy Facebook message included a statement about his contract dispute in the past. The drummer stated he could move forward with his Black Sabbath bandmates if he is presented a contract worth signing. “I would require a singable contract before moving one step toward a pathway that could lead to us all playing together again. I want a contract I can approve. That’s my truth. That’s my stand,” Ward wrote on Facebook. The drummer said he has heard all of the negative comments about him from his bandmates, and if the insults continue, the original Black Sabbath members lineup will never reunite. 

It seems Ozzy Osbourne could no longer keep his silence, after reading Ward’s comments. Not only did Osbourne refuse to take back his comments about Ward, the rocker completely closed the door on the possibility of reuniting with the drummer. “Wow Bill, what the f*** are you on about? I cannot apologize for comments or opinions I may have made about you in the press during Sabbath’s 13 album and tour. Physically, you knew you were f***ed,” Osbourne stated. The rocker said the entire band knew Ward couldn’t physically play an entire drum set, and so they decided to replace the drummer. Osbourne also responded to Ward’s contract issue. “Stop this smokescreen about an unsignable contract, and stop playing the victim and be honest with yourself and our fans.”   

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