Original High Five – Life On The Run

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Enjoy this 7-piece band, Original High Five as they “seize every chance” they get in their latest video, “Life On The Run.” The music video begins with a van that seems to have a mind of its own. As it moves to the beat of the song, the vehicle decides to take a detour from the desert up high into the clouds. While soaring through the sky, the van is unexpectedly struck down by an animated rain cloud. Other cars are introduced at a drive-in theater, where they are watching a live performance of the band on a movie screen. The adorable part comes in when all the vehicles are swaying side to side to the upbeat and catchy tune.

The theme of the song and music video is to live one’s life carefree – “seize every chance you get.” As the van continues on its journey around the globe and under water, it is telling you to enjoy life by moving around – travel, explore, and ultimately, discover yourself.

Animation and Editing – Bobo Skipper
Photography – Daniel Thyselius
Photography (Live clips) – Cassandra Mattsson, Katja Nasiell Holm, Fanny Gustafson, Sofia Österberg, Kajsa Lundfall

Facebook – facebook.com/OriginalHighFive
Website – originalhighfive.com