One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is a Dad-To-Be

Looks like One Direction fans should have prepared themselves for a few surprises in 2015, because they just keep coming!  Several months after Zayn Malik announced that he would be leaving the “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” boy-band, the newest surprise to rock Directioners is Louis Tomlinson‘s impending fatherhood.  Yup, you read that right.  Louis Tomlinson is expecting a child with Los Angeles based stylist and close friend Briana Jungwirth.

Tomlinson and Jungwirth were first spotted out in public together shortly after the UK boy-bander broke it off with his longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder.  Although the proud parents-to-be are not in a relationship, they proclaim to be close friends.  Sources vow that “Louis [Tomlinson] is happy and very excited about becoming a dad,” further stating that “he thinks Briana will be an amazing mother.”  Jungwirth’s pregnancy seems to have only brought the pair closer.

Since the news has broken, some super-sleuth fans have dug back to 2012 to recover an April Fool’s Day themed Tweet in which the One Direction member jokingly announced that he would be a father.  “Can’t believe I’m going to be a dad,” Tomlinson joked.  The Tweet has been winging it’s way across social media with many fans commenting on the self-fulfilling prophecy of the message.  Many others have posed the innocent question of whether or not Louis Tomlinson would be having a Tomlin-SON or a Tomlin-DAUGHTER.  Only time will tell!

It is currently unclear what this newest announcement will mean for One Direction’s future; however, Louis Tomlinson has been adamant that the band shows no signs of splitting up anytime soon.  The UK crooner assured fans and critics that the group was “having too much fun” to call it quits, and it seems unlikely that fatherhood will change that promise.  The group is currently in the middle of their On The Road Again Tour, which is scheduled to come to a close after a second European leg on October 31.

One change that One Direction fans can probably expect is an increased presence of Louis Tomlinson in the Los Angeles area.  The “Story of My Life” singer is rumored to be looking for a home around LA so that he will be able to be involved in his child’s life.  The 23 year old father-to-be has expressed a desire to be a very “hands-on dad,” and he isn’t going to let distance get in the way!