One Direction: ‘Night Changes’ Music Video Review

World-famous boy band One Direction have released the music video for their single, “Night Changes,” from their album, FOUR. The music video, directed by Ben Winston, is fulfilling every fan’s daydreams of dating the famous boys by taking each girl on a date, but with a twist.

Zayn Malik’s date is a romantic meal for the two of us at a fancy restaurant. The date begins smoothly, with Zayn acting friendly towards the staff in the kitchen and introducing us to the waiter, who treats us like the guest of honor. Romantic themes are used throughout the date, such as drinking wine and being fed spaghetti. There’s a sneaky reference to the director of the music video in the menu, below a famous Zayn Malik phrase, “vas happening.”

The twist for Zayn’s date is when a man storms over to us and begins shouting at me. Zayn looks at the man as if he’s mad, before the man picks Zayn up. He then dumps water and the spaghetti on Zayn’s head before leaving. This is our cue to leave, with Zayn looking apologetically at us.

Liam Payne’s date is a trip to the local carnival. The date is set at nighttime and begins with Liam offering us a caramel apple on a stick, a classic carnival food. He takes a photo of us together and gives us his scarf, before manages to win us a giant teddy bear. While they are clear romantic gestures and icons at a carnival, they missed out going on a Ferris wheel.

The twist for Liam’s date is when he leads us over and onto the waltzers, persuading us that it would be a great idea. However, Liam doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much, and when he leaves, he wobbles slightly. He looks around and takes our hat before throwing up inside it. He looks at us apologetically while holding the tainted hat.

Harry Styles’ date is ice-skating, which is considered to be a romantic winter date. The date begins with Harry asking if the skates are our size, before helping to put them on for us, a romantic gesture. Harry guides us along the ice by taking our hand. Then he ice-skates around, smiling at us to make sure we’re having a good time, and showing off his ice skating moves.

The twist for Harry’s date is when he spots a couple spinning each other around, he decides he wants to replicate this. He attempts to pick us up, only for us to crash onto the ice. Harry breaks his wrist and we break our ankles. Now we’re on a stretcher, and Harry looks at us apologetically.

Louis Tomlinson’s date is a drive by the park, and a brief walk through it. The date begins with Louis opening the car door for us and letting us in, another romantic gesture. We pretty much keep our attention on Louis, but we occasionally look at the scenery. We briefly walk through the park together holding hands, which is reminiscent of a casual date.

The twist for Louis’ date is when he decides to speed along the road and a police car stops him. The police officer tells us to stay in the car as Louis gets out, and he decides to play with the police officer’s hat. The police officer has enough and decides to arrest Louis, who looks at us apologetically as he’s shoved inside the police car.

Niall Horan’s date is chilling out at his house, which could again be considered a romantic winter date. It begins with Niall greeting us and letting us inside, before bringing in two cups of hot chocolate. With the fire blazing in the background and a dog nearby, the atmosphere is certainly romantic. On the date, we play board games or watch Niall goof off, making it the most relaxed date out of them all.

The twist for Niall’s date is when he puts more wood on the fire and his arm sets alight. He tries to find a cloth to stop it, but it’s underneath a jug of drink, which he spills onto you. Niall looks apologetically at us, but the damage has been done.

I only have one major criticism for the music video, and that’s the way the video ends. I personally think the person on the date wouldn’t dump some of them for their actions.

The concept behind the music video was clever, with the reference to the lines “Does it ever drive you crazy / just how fast the night changes?” With this line, it explains all of the twists in the music video, because of how quickly a date can change with one simple action.

Overall, one of One Direction’s better music videos, and certainly my new favourite music video from them. I thought it was done very cleverly, and I’m sure the fans will love it.