One Direction: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

One Direction is one of the most popular boy bands right now, which is especially impressive considering the era of the boy bands was seemingly over before they hit the scene. Despite their ubiquitous presence in the media, there are still some things about 1D that many people don’t know. Here, we present our list of 15 facts you didn’t know about One Direction.

Number Fifteen: They Were Nervous About Making This Is Us

Their movie, This Is Us, made some of the members quite nervous. Harry Styles said, “When you put yourself out there – anything like that – if it’s a song – you want people to like it. It makes you feel vulnerable, I think, when you put yourself out there that much, so it was exciting.”

Number Fourteen: They Don’t Really Prank Each Other

It’s not news that the members of One Direction can pull some serious pranks, but they don’t actually prank each other very often. They only really prank the people that work with them, and they enjoy stealing things.

Number Thirteen: They Have Some Weird Dating Dealbreakers

According to Niall, his dating dealbreaker is “a ridiculous laugh.” Harry has said that, for him, “I think a first date is just, be early. Give like a 15-minute window. Don’t be late. And if a girl ever spits… you know when you’re going down the street and you see someone spit and you’re like, ‘That’s gross.”

Number Twelve: They Like to Be Normal

Niall has said that he enjoys going to soccer matches because it is something he used to do before he was famous. He also said that he enjoys attending other concerts.

Number Eleven: Liam Gets His Mantra From His Mom

Liam’s mantra, which he got from his mom, is “Just do your best that’s the best you can do.” Liam fully believes it 100 percent.

Number Ten: They Are Still Surprised by Their Fans’ Behavior

Though it’s no secret that 1D fans can pull some crazy stunts, some things that fans do still surprise them. They are especially surprised when fans do things like jump on them in public.

Number Nine: The Most Shocking Part of This Is Us Is, in Their Minds, the Interviews With Their Families

It’s true. Louis said he was surprised when watching the documentary that his mom says he has only been back home to Doncaster five times.

Number Eight: Their Third Album Was Their Most Challenging

However, you might be surprised by what was so challenging about it. According to Liam, being on the road and rushing the recording was the most difficult part of making the album.

Number Seven: Harry Has Said That Niall Is the Best Kisser

Though Harry has gotten more attention than Niall in the press. He has admitted that he thinks Niall is the best kisser in the group.

Number Six: Harry Was Attacked by a Goat When He Was 10 Years Old

It’s true. This may not be the most groundbreaking piece of information, but it is still pretty hilarious to picture.

Number Five: Niall’s Old Email Address Is Pretty Hilarious

Before he was famous, Niall was just a little boy. So, don’t judge him too hard when you find out that his email address used to be

Number Four: Liam and Niall Share Something Special

And it’s probably not what you think. They both have the middle name. So, what is it? James.

Number Three: One Direction Are In the Guinness Book of World Records

The group is the first British group in U.S. chart history to debut an album at number one. Impressive!

Number Two: They Wrote Most of the Tracks on Their Third Album

For their third album, Midnight Memories, the band wrote 12 of the 14 tracks. What can we say – they gave the fans what they wanted! They also wrote 10 out of the 12 songs on their fourth album. If you take the deluxe version into consideration, then they wrote 12 out of 16 songs on their fourth album.

Number One: They Are Really Rich

Sure, this isn’t exactly news, but do you know just how rich the members of One Direction are? According to a list in the Sunday Times, each member made 25 million pounds in 2014.