Oh Wonder: ‘Lose It’ Single Review

Lose It” by Oh Wonder is a delicate piece of folk-juiced pop that strives in this new age setting, as quietly harmonized vocals blend together like a perfect morning milkshake. I’ve been out of the game for a little over two weeks now, and damn, music is still sounding better than ever. “Lose It” brings me back to the isolated miles of beach I surfed on. That Haida Gwaii white sand just reflecting softly into the foot prints we lay down. Before you read further, push play, sit back, and crack open a cold one – it’ll be a nice ride.

“Lose It” reminds me of my days of listening to Angus & Julia Stone that combined folk double vocal with an easy listening beat push. The difference of Oh Wonder is that they have an upbeat dance feel to it. In addition to the good vibe tones, we are able to release our inner subwoofer. By that, I mean you can crank your subwoofer and blow out your neighbor’s ears with crumbling Kush bass.

Breaking it down layer by layer, it resembles that sly folk pop genre. You have your tambourine jams, low tone vocals for easy listening, laid 4/4 beat drums that are there to keep us back into our driver’s seat, and most importantly, sub and bass layer matching. It’s particularly an essence of pure relaxation. So grab that beer, sit back, and relax.

As I was reading over the lyrics of “Lose It,” it just came to me. This is literally a soft-core dance song. It’s all about losing yourself to the music, life, and just live. Live without worries, and let the stresses go. Don’t believe me? “Move your feet and feel it in the space between/ you got to give yourself a moment/let your body be/We got to lose it/We got to lose it.” Oh Wonder tells us the simple tale of reality. The world is way too damn busy and we are all overwhelmed. It’s all about that self-care that keeps you from burning out. How many times do you overwhelm yourself to the point where you just break? I recommend this song to the overwhelmed people out there – have a break, and lose it.