Oh, Be Clever – I Will Carry You

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I Will Carry You” is an inspiring and uplifting music video by Oh, Be Clever. The indie, pop, and electronic duo alongside a plethora of local musicians from Utah have come together to create a very powerful song about not losing hope. In the beginning of the video, we read a statistic that says, “The U.S. national suicide rate is 11.29 per 100,000.” It further acknowledges that in the state of Utah alone, the average is 21.01. The video fades into clips of the local musicians holding up post-its with their own message of how to cope.

This is truly a motivating track comprised of multiple strings, keyboards, and vocals that speak of honesty and strength. Not only does this song send a message through those who suffer immensely, but it encourages us to help others through a serious and difficult time. Whether a loved one is suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, discrimination, or mental illness, we should also have the courage to seek out for help and inspire others to do so.

Vocalist Brittney Shields explains: “This song was written to be a voice and a shoulder for those who feel unheard or all alone. The rate for suicide just keeps climbing, and that’s something that we can’t just sit back and watch any longer. #THEMOVEMENT is a universal understanding that EVERY SINGLE LIFE on this planet is important and deserves love. Our goal is to remind our brothers and sisters on this earth, that they matter. They are so important. We hope to spark more conversation and education about mental illnesses in schooling systems, and encourage parents to talk about it in their homes. Communication and unity is how we start making a change. It starts with us. It starts now.”

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