Off the Limelight, Rihanna Slays through ‘Vogue’

When it comes to promotional stylistics, trust Rihanna’s camp to dominate. Few weeks after “World Peace” surprised music fans, the Barbadian singer’s studio version of Madonna’s “Vogue” surfaced online. Rihanna on Fashion Rocks! 2008 first covered the song, but it gained media attention again after a clip was shared online over the weekend. Truthfully, though “Vogue” is very 2008 in terms of Rihanna’s career, it is still thrilling to hear her cover a Madonna classic. This is tantamount to say that Rihanna is one of the most prolific and interesting performers of the decade.

The online upload of the studio version was a smart move from Rihanna’s team, as it will trail the momentum set by “World Peace” whose own impetus still has not subsided. Furthermore, Rihanna’s version of “Vogue” was a timely promotion, as Madonna is also a trending topic for the past weeks when Rebel Heart leaked online. Also, just a few days ago, Rihanna has been part of the discussions about Christina Aguilera’s reported Blonde album when her name was included on its rumored tracklist. Definitely, these online thrills about Rihanna helped in advancing the anticipation for her upcoming album, R8.

In lieu of the recent developments about Rihanna’s social media power, fans must be really proud of her right now. Rihanna shows her relevance even in her noticeable absence in the limelight. For the past years, it has always been a tradition that Rihanna would release an album every year. She only broke the trend when she did not release one in 2008. However, she did make a major return when she released Rated R in 2009, and “Rude Boy” became one of her biggest selling songs to date.

It is not yet certain what Rihanna’s next official musical career moves would be. However, these latest news about her can help in alleviating the excruciating pain of waiting for the release of new music from her. Possibly, these little updates from the singer are just minor build-ups for the upcoming explosion that Rihanna will push anytime soon. Indeed, Rihanna makes music even more exciting with what she is doing right now. But, hopefully, Rihanna makes it fast, before the spark of excitement fades away like a flicker in the night.