Obraz – EveryBodyGonnaDie

Obraz from Kiev (Ukraine) with music video EveryBodyGonnaDie on PPcorn.

With a title like “EverybodyGonnaDie”, Obraz certainly did craft an upbeat, techno-pop sort of tune for this track.  The video centers around metropolitan areas, with quite a few iconic pieces of architecture to let you know where you are in the world.  Crowds of people are busy going about their business – but the one constant between them is a man dressed entirely in black, standing the middle of the masses, going unnoticed.  He travels back and forth to different places, striking the ground like lightning coming from a strange, swirly white eye that floats in the sky.  Black orbs also keep moving around to the different cities, floating just over the people’s heads.  The feel of the video is extremely surreal, and as time goes on, the orbs start molding themselves into letters that float above the crowds of people, still going completely unnoticed.  Eventually, some of the orbs have stretched and changed themselves into the word ‘fear’ in different languages, flying above the cities that still have no idea the words are there.  The stylized white eyes that the figure in black keeps appearing from then start destroying the orbs and letters, replacing them instead with white cubes … It is a very thought provoking video that leaves a lot of questions unasked, and even more unanswered.

Music/Director/VFX: Obraz
Words: Danila Khomutovskiy
VFX: Alex Verlan
Photography: Van

Website: obraz.io
Facebook: facebook.com/alexander.obraz