Novo Amor – Callow

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Heartbreak, no matter how difficult it is to cope with, will always and forever be part of life. Novo Amor presents us with a gut-wrenching, yet beautiful music video entitled “Callow.” A man is introduced in the video. Lying down in bed, he contemplates with a troubled look on his face. We notice several packed boxes laying around his apartment. A woman is then shown on the screen; her body also rests in bed, but her facial expression is different. Clothes are placed randomly on the floor, only to find out that she is sleeping with another man. She is relaxed and content while he scurries around the house with frustration. Ending on a perfect note, we can only imagine what happens next.

“Callow” is filled with echo-y vocals by Novo Amor. The music can be compared to Bon Iver’s work, which is ethereal and soothing to the ears. The lyrics speak of the hardship of moving on and finding oneself: “I’m stackin’ up on what I’ll take / but the ballot doesn’t hold your name / You’re wrapping up when winter fades / I’m holding on the callow ways.” “Callow” gives the impression that the man who’s torn by love cannot find the courage to admit the truth. His actions are seemingly adolescent. Love is not for the naive. May this video teach all of us a lesson.

Music written, recorded and mixed by Ali Lacey
Mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road
Video by Storm + Shelter
Directed by Josh Bennett