Northern Lite – In Japan

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Northern Lite’s “In Japan” music video has frontman Andreas Kubat partaking in an official Japanese tea ceremony. He sits properly on the mat, dressed in full formal kimono, and observes the woman perform the tradition. As she carefully goes step by step, Kubat calmly sings, locking eyes with the camera when he does, but otherwise carefully watching the woman. While we get a full, distinct view of his face, we barely see the woman’s face at all. Instead, the camera directs our attention to her hands, following her very practiced and specific movements. He only has a few steps to perform himself, and he completes them with as much attention to detail and precision as he can muster. The only words spoken throughout (aside from Kubat’s lyrics) are from the woman, inviting him to partake in the tea at the beginning, and thanking him respectfully at the completion of the ceremony.

Video by Kristin Herziger
Written & produced by Andreas Kubat