Nod One’s Head – Up

[jwplatform UnigcVt8-Pqiywodl]

In NOH’s (aka Nod One’s Head) music video for “Up” a sneakered foot traces the title of the track into a pile of confetti on the ground. The video is simplistically artsy, with only the house, hip-hop duo members Lotte “Lovegood” and Moritz Bommert of Berlin dancing and singing. The shots flip between languid slow motion images of Lotte flipping her hair back and forth and Mortiz grooving with his arms above his head, and stark bust shots of both staring directly into the camera lense with a hauntingly intense look in their eyes. Moritz pops bubbles in time with the music while Lotte spins, spiraling a rope cord around her white baby doll dress, in effect changing her shape and silhouette. In the second half of the video, the flipping shots take on more of a strobe effect, going faster and faster, showing extreme closeups of their faces blurred out of proportion. Throughout, the duo’s hands get “caught up” together.

Label: Kallias
Camera: donna.l o v e g o o d & knall .design
Editing: donna.l o v e g o o d & knall .design