Noelle Johnson – Beautiful Soul

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Anyone having a rough day will feel refreshed after watching this Beautiful Soul music video by Noelle Johnson. In it, the bright-eyed indie-pop star reassures the viewer of the beautiful soul they have. Her message is intercut with shots of different young women who really need to hear this advice. Their self-doubt diminishes as Johnson’s chorus grows more powerful, culminating in a mass gathering of joyful young women lighting firecrackers underneath the sunset.
Though video itself is very female-centric, except for a line here or there the song can apply to either gender. Johnson balances the tone of the song between serious and bubbly, allowing her message to resonate without coming across as too sugary. In the end, those who are down in the dumps will find the video to be a much-needed pick-me-up; while those already content will be reassured of the pride they feel. Give it a watch if you want to feel better.  If you want moe, then be sure to check out her newest band Dungeness.  


Engineered and Produced by: Dungeness Records
Additionally, Engineering by: the dear Jeremy Cays.
Mixed by: Jeremy Cays @ Jeremy Cays Studios
Mastered by: John Himmelberger @ VineMaker
Vocals/Piano/Percussion: Noelle Johnson
Guitars/Banjo/Mandolin/Uke/Brass: Sordid Owl-kin
Percussion/Keys: Brazen Tortoise
Violin: Joseph Gish
Bass: Hayden Pomeroy
Drum Kit: Joshua Kirsch
Additional Vocals: Sordid Owl-kin and Brazen Tortoise
Synthesized Symphonicals: Jeremy Cays