Nod One’s Head – Secret Love

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As sunlight pours through the window, a girl wakes up and stretches her feet out of bed. In the silence, she lights a cigarette. Suddenly she swerves to the camera and Nod One’s Head starts singing her electro dance beat, “Secret Love.” As she pulls on a shirt and starts walking down the hall, we see the shard-shaped hole going straight through her. We don’t see it again, as she repeats, “My secret love, nobody knows, nobody shall know, nobody can see us.”

The narrative follows her group of friends as they end up at the club that night. Meanwhile, another group is heading to the same place, featuring one eye-catching guy in particular. As the girl starts dancing in the crowd, she ends up singing right alongside him. As they get closer and closer, a quick turn of events threatens to separate them. Moments from the end, we’re left wondering how/if their chemistry will keep.

Label: Kallias