Niykee Heaton: ‘Infinity’ Single Review

Bring out the lighters people; Niykee Heaton is back in action. With her sweet-singing single, “Infinity,” I can’t help but start a campfire. Niykee Heaton shows us all that you don’t need a massive amount of complex layers to make a good song. With a strummed guitar and her voice, we get utter peace.

The song’s lyrics display a wounded woman that can’t let go of her lover. Whether they were in abusive relationship, or just having mishaps, this woman won’t let go. I can’t help but aide my point with a quote from the lyrics, “I wanna drink till I don’t feel the urge / to run back to you and lay it down / make me yours.” It almost seems, for an instant, that both players in this game are ‘friends with benefits.’

You can even hear in Niykee’s voice that yearning for the other person. Or maybe it was just the fact that she stated she could f*** them for infinity. Either way, the song displays a perfect point: that love is toxically convincing, convincing enough to display a woman so lost in love that she doesn’t realize her partner doesn’t feel the same way. Now, some might say she is a tad crazy, but I don’t think so at all. I see a woman that found a connection with someone that was beyond any other. I see a woman that would give infinity to be with them. I see a woman that would bite tooth and nail to make their relationship work. Crazy? No, the word here is dedicated; dedicated to a toxic relationship so binding she just can’t see what is going on.

If we were to stoke the campfire and play this song, ears would listen. The beauty about “Infinity” is the calming nature it brings. We’re in a new day and age, where lyrics aren’t really looked at with a fine-toothed comb by everyone. If the melody makes you feel good, you may as well sing along. Sometimes looking too far into the lyrics can ruin a good vibe. I recommend this song to the person that deserves you, but is right under your nose.