Nipsey Hussle Sells Thousand Dollar Mixtapes

Nipsey Hussle has done it again. Nipsey, “the music marketing genius” has figured out his own solution to declining music sales. The business model for his mixtapes allows fans to either download his album online for free, or buy a physical copy of the album for a high price. Last year, Nipsey sold his Crenshaw mixtape for $100 per physical copy. The rapper managed to sell all of his 1,000 hard copies (Jay-Z purchased 100 copies), and he made an impressive $100,000 dollars.

Nipsey took his marketing technique to the next level, by selling his new mixtape for $1000 per copy. This time, he only offered fans 100 physical copies of the album. The mixtape, Mailbox Money, has already sold 60 hard copies; that means he’s profited $60,000 dollars so far. Mailbox Money is also available on iTunes for $10 dollars, but those who purchase the $1000 copy will receive exclusive incentives. Nipsey spoke to The Guardian about his marketing success, “It surprises me. As much as I believe in it. Every time I get a transaction, I get a text on my phone, and I’ve been hitting them back.” Nipsey continued, “The feedback and the connection I have with these people helps me understand the psychology of the person paying $1000 for some songs that, realistically, you could download for free.”

Nipsey believes the people who buy his physical copies do so because they feel inspired by his business plan. He states, “Money is a tool – it’s the means, not the end. Inspiration is the metric that dictates whether or not a project is a success.” Nipsey said he wasn’t sure how much his next mixtape will cost, but the rapper does know he will always make the album available for free download. He told The Guardian, “Digital music is abundant and it’s going against the laws of nature to charge for something that is ubiquitous.” He added, “It would be like charging for air.” Nipsey Hussle is currently on the road with his Mailbox Money Tour. The tour started on January 14 in Paris, and it will conclude on February 1 in London. Fans of Nipsey Hussle can visit his website to find out the venue dates and to purchase concert tickets.