Nine ‘Voice’ Alums Who Should Be Superstars Now

Many argue that The Voice is yet to find the next superstar. Now on its seventh season, the show continues to find insanely-talented artists. However, it still has to translate to enormous sales and chart-topping hits. But fret not! Ratings are still high for the NBC-produced reality singing competition. People really watch the show and even buy contestants’ performances on ITunes.

So, there is still hope that one of these days the show will find music’s next most-important star. Until it does, let’s continue hoping. While we do, let us reminisce some of The Voice alumni who should be superstars by now (but unfortunately are still not).

Tess Boyer of Team Shakira, Season 6: This girl has pipes, and we all know it. Unfortunately, America did not get to see what Shakira saw in her. She nailed her version of Bon Jovi’s “I’ll Be There For You.” I believe that with the right songs, she can really make it big. It’s also a plus that she projects a very positive attitude on TV. Seriously, the music industry needs a girl with such finesse but still has the necessary spunk.

Matthew Schuler of Team Christina, Season 5: I bet everybody was blown away with his rendition of “Hallelujah.” Had Matthew’s coach been quick enough to give him “O Holy Night,” he could have made it farther in the competition and made an even bigger legacy until after the season was over.

Cody Belew of Team CeeLo, Season 3: Cody cracked us all with his signature bam-bam. His coach almost uncovered his ultimate potential with “Crazy in Love.” So, what is stopping Cody from making it big? Is it his resemblance with Adam Lambert’s Style? Is it his all-over-the-place personality? One thing is for sure, though. By taking advantage of his strengths, Cody’s career will definitely soar.

Pip of Team Adam, Season 2: Pip has an undeniable charm. He is an old soul trapped in the face of a boyband member. However, he sings with soul. I believe the only thing hindering Pip in achieving superstardom is his lack of the right transition from adolescence to adulthood. He should be able to use his charm to his advantage. Respect comes from maturity, and maturity’s what he lacks.

Adriana Louise of Team Christina, Season 3: This girl has enough backstory to support her talent. We know where she draws inspiration. She sings with conviction all the time. She sang “Hot N Cold” and “Firework” as if Katy Perry has the best pipes in the world! Adriana has enough charisma to draw people in. I believe she did not make it far enough in the competition because she is either way beyond her years, or diva-like artists are so yesterday. Whatever the reason may be, Adriana is timeless and I cannot wait until I see her name on top of the charts.

Dez Duron of Team Christina, Season 3: The world needs another great balladeer; therefore, we still have a place for Dez in the music industry. His captivating good looks may not be enough to make him the champion. I bet everything I have, though. With strong label support, Dez will become the biggest male artist around.

Bria Kelly of Team Usher, Season 6: Do people think she is a copycat of Avril Lavigne? I guess not. Nonetheless, Usher tried to put her in the mold of the Canadian superstar and it ultimately worked against Bria’s advantage. Her version of “I’m With You” is extremely less powerful than her soulful rendition of “Wild Horses,” as well as her dynamic performance of “Piece of My Heart.” As she goes on with her career, I hope she becomes smart enough in choosing appropriate songs for her record.

Will Champlin of Team Adam, Season 5: His version of “At Last” probably ranks among the best performances in the entire history of The Voice. He delivers every performance with flying colors. Can you just imagine how explosive Will’s concerts would be if he’s given the chance to tour the world?

Juliet Simms of Team CeeLo, Season 2: During the Blind Auditions, she started the controversial feud between Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera after the two coaches fought really hard for her to be on their team. She eventually went on with CeeLo. It was actually a good decision, as she was given remarkable songs like her grand performance of “Roxanne.” After Season 2 aired, she was able to release her original song, “Wild Child,” but it failed to leave a mark.  I believe, however, that it should not be the end for Ms. Simms’ career. Judging from her performances on the show, as well as her live performance of “Only You” with CeeLo Green, it can be argued that she has what it takes to make it big. Besides, not many artists today have the same natural rock edge as Juliet does. She may not be the winner of Season 2, but I am sure, with the right material and proper handling, she is set to superstardom.