Nicole Scherzinger Is Still with Epic Records

Yesterday, rumors ran rampart that musician Nicole Scherzinger had been dropped from her United States record label, Epic Records. Speculation began when fans noticed that Scherzinger had been removed from Epic’s artist page without any official announcement.  The news came in the wake of the musician’s poor performance with her 2014 release of her second solo LP, Big Fat Lie, which has still yet to be released for sale in the United States. The album did experience moderate success in the UK, charting in at number 17 on the UK Albums chart. 

As fans delved into the issue, they discovered an image that implied that the musician’s manager was moving to Roc Nation, sparking further rumors that Scherzinger would be following her. Today, Scherzinger’s UK PR team responded to the rumors with the following press release: “Nicole is still signed to Epic in the US. Also, the Melissa move to Roc Nation is unrelated. Melissa moved jobs, and Nicole is still with Reign Deer and Epic.” Good news for fans, though there is still no official statement regarding when Big Fat Lie will make its way stateside.

Nicole Scherzinger entered the music industry as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls in 2003. The Dolls experienced a great deal of success and were responsible for revitalizing the girl group culture in the United States; however, the group went their separate ways following the 2008 release of their second album, Doll Domination. The girls cited arguments amongst each other as the reason for breaking up, and many have speculated that Scherzinger’s role as the leader of the group sparked the controversy. After the band dissolved, Scherzinger decided to make a bid for solo stardom, but she has struggled to find success as a solo artist. Scherzinger’s most recent single released off Big Fat Lie, has failed to impact radio in the United States, regardless of the fact that the musician has performed the single and released a music video.

Although she hasn’t had much success with her career in America, the musician has had better experiences in the UK. The singer has appeared as a judge on the UK Edition of the X Factor between 2012 and 2013. Big Fat Lie’s lead single, “Your Love,” reached number 6 on the UK charts. The single was not treated for American radio. Most recently, Scherzinger has been seen playing the role of Grizabella in a revival of the musical, Cats.