Nicolas Jaar to Release a New Solo 12-Inch

American-Chilean electronic artist Nicolas Jaar has just announced that he will be releasing a 12” single called Nymphs II. It will be his first original solo work since 2011’s LP Space is Only Noise, and was reportedly recorded in New York periodically between 2011-2015. It will be released by his own label, Other People, on May 11th.

The 25-year old musician has been releasing music independently since he was an undergraduate student at Brown University. His music is characterized by its ruminative and minimalist constructs, and he refers to his music as “blue-wave.” He is also well-regarded in the art scene, as his shows often utilize video art and performers, and he has performed at establishments like MOMA PS1.

Although Nymphs II marks his return as a solo artist, Jaar has had a prevalent presence in the world of music for the last few years. He formed the duo Darkside with Dave Harrington, putting out an album called Psychic in 2013. The album was a critical success that got on numerous critics’ top ten lists that year, but Darkside proved to be a band with a limited existence. Jaar and Harrington announced that they would be disbanding last August, and they played their final show at The Masonic Temple in Brooklyn on September 12th.

Since the break-up of Darkside, Jaar continued to put out new material that mostly consisted of remixes, collaboration, and film scores. This includes collaborating on the soundtrack for the short film Eleven Times, making a 12-minute remix version of Florence and the Machine’s “What Kind of Man,” and posting on alternate version of the 1969 film The Color of Pomegranates that he composed with an alternate soundtrack.

Despite this prolific output, fans of Jaar are certain to hold a strong degree of anticipation for Nymphs II. His last album Space is Only Noise has become regarded as one of the best electronic albums in recent years, and this announcement also suggests that he will be going on another tour soon after. The record will feature two songs: “The Three Sides of Audrey and Why She’s All Alone Now” and “No One is Looking at U.”

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