Nico & Vinz Ft. Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha: ‘That’s How You Know’ Single Review

Am I wrong for calling the “Black Star Elephant” album by Nico & Vinz one of the best pop albums of 2014? I believe I am not wrong. That album was a masterpiece and they continue in its successful footsteps with their latest song that features Bebe Rexha and Kid Ink. The song is titled “That’s How You Know” and the perfectly blending duo does what they do best before they let Bebe and Kid Ink put their art on it.

Sung over a catchy guitar tune, “That’s how you know” is a very captivating song. It is fun, educative and entertaining all at the same time. I see this song becoming a hit with circles of people as it portrays very relatable incidents. The catchy guitar tune makes the whole song sound like something that was just composed for the moment. It sounds like a song that can be sang by a group of friends hanging out as long as they have a guitar and can sing.

The song talks about a good situation that turns sour and then the chorus comes in to let you know, “That’s how you know you F**ked up.” You had it going good for you but you lost it all and where you are now is how you know you messed all that up for yourself.

Nico & Vinz take the first verse then the chorus. Bebe Rexha does the second verse and she had the best verse for me. The lady on the song killed it. “You were the man in college / got a degree in awesome / and had more zeros in your bank than all the matrix coding,” sings Bebe. Pretty impressive right? Hell yeah. Bebe definitely had the most exciting verse on the song. Nico & Vinz come back for the third verse then Kid Ink does the last verse.

Kid Ink continues to display an exceptional level of comfort with any style of music he is invited to feature on. From the guitar the song is sang on, it is hard to imagine what Kid Ink’s verse would flow like but Kid Ink imposingly laid his verse. The flow was well paced to match the guitar and the lyrics also demonstrate the perfect “that’s how you know you f**ked up” situation. The final chorus comes in after his verse and Bebe adds superb background vocals for this one. Her vocals will send chills allover your body – they are that amazing.

“That’s how you know” is that reunion song as you all tell stories about how life turned out and if you messed it up, the entire group will have to sing for you the chorus of this song. It would be perfect for that occasion. Nico & Vinz continue to give us music that’s not only entertaining, but educative and fun to listen to, sing along to and relate to. This is another incredible song from the duo.