How Nicki Minaj’s Broken Moments Shaped Her Music

Just a handful of days prior to this year’s VMAs, “Anaconda” rapper Nicki Minaj spilled quite a lot of her sentimental side in a recent TV special. She was chatty enough to reveal her personal plans in the next four years, which included being a housewife and a long overdue baby. Though she was quite certain on the baby part.

Nicki Minaj took the show’s viewers to a trip down her memories of starting out as a new rapper while working at Red Lobster. She also brought out into the open a past pregnancy with former boyfriend, Aaron, when she was just 15 years old; a baby she would have named Caiah. 

Although she was very open to the thought of motherhood, she explains that it is not something she will be doing this very moment. This could undoubtedly be due to the promising career she has right now especially with the reception of her album The Pinkprint and perhaps her personal dilemmas on her history with teen pregnancy.

Nicki is a well-known feminist. Her single, “Anaconda,” is about welcoming her body despite the censorship issue her cover album art had caused. She further laments that “Most people don’t rap no more. People don’t spit no more,” and that “People are fraudulent and getting by, by not pushing their pens.” A testament to her work ethic would be the way she handled the talked-about wardrobe malfunction which brought about comments of respect from no less than Queen B, Beyoncé. Many have accused her of staging the malfunction as a publicity stunt, but she brushed the snide comments aside from people who really did not know her because it was something she would never do.

The now famous rapper admits that the relationships she has had had been changed and twisted mainly by the industry she is in. She goes on to blame the materialism that is brought about by her fame, but she also stresses the fact that it’s her broken moments that paved the way for her to make her music the way it is now and all she could feel right now is pride for her achievement.