Nickelback Singer Has Harsh Words for Bieber

While still only 20 years of age, Justin Bieber has been in the press more as of recently for legal issues than music news. Meanwhile, fellow Canadian vocalist Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of Nickelback, has become publicly disappointed in the young music star, declaring that he had hoped Bieber would follow the route that Justin Timberlake took from his childhood stardom days to now, rather than his current path.

Kroeger, who was still a child when initially signed by a record company, shared his disappointment with Bieber, saying he has all the talent in the world, and yet is blowing it all away with many actions committed by the singer over the past few years. He shares that the singer is headed in a direction that will lead him to a wasted career, despite so much potential.

Bieber was first accused of reckless driving in 2012, but was never charged. In 2013, while in Brazil, he was charged with vandalism. In December of 2013, Bieber was charged with assault on a limo driver in Toronto. In January of 2014, the singer was arrested in Miami with fellow singer Khalil, on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an over six-month expired license, and resisting arrest without violence. Bieber admitted to the police that he took prescription drugs, consumed alcohol, and smoked marijuana. He ended up pleading guilty to resisting an officer without violence, in addition to a lesser charge of driving without due care and attention, in which he was fined $500 and sentenced to attend multiple educational courses.

In July of 2014, the singer was charged with a misdemeanor count of vandalism in California after throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home, in which police had video footage of Bieber taking a part in. Bieber received two years’ probation, in addition to multiple restitution sentencings. September of 2014 saw the former child star arrested, charged with assault, and dangerous driving in Stratford, Ontario, just outside of his hometown, after a collision between Bieber’s all-terrain vehicle and a minivan, which his lawyer blamed on a paparazzi. In November 2014, Bieber was ordered by a Buenos Aires court to appear in Argentina to discuss an alleged assault on a photographer.

The Nickelback singer has faced plenty of nasty remarks about him, most recently about his relationship with his wife Avril Lavigne, who’ve had marital issues as of late. Kroeger has been critical of internet attacks on him, declaring them to have no idea anything about him or his relationship.