Nickelback Prepares for ‘No Fixed Address’ Tour

Nickelback‘s Chad Kroeger spoke to Billboard magazine about the band’s No Fixed Address world tour. The band will begin its North America portion of the tour on February 14th in Allentown (Pennsylvania) at the PPL Center. The tour will travel to sixty-one cities, before it closes its North American leg of the tour in Atlanta (Georgia) on August 29th. The band’s album No Fixed Address was released in 2014, which was the band’s eighth studio album. Kroeger told Billboard the band will perform four songs from the album including “What Are You Waiting For,” “Edge of a Revolution,” “Million Miles An Hour,” and “She Keeps Me Smiling.”

The rocker said “She Keeps Me Smiling” represents a different style of record than what the band is used to recording. “Up until now we’ve always just tried to be heavier with the rock songs and more melodic with the melodic songs, and now it’s ‘okay not everything has to be left or right. Why can’t we go forward and back a little bit,” Kroeger told Billboard magazine. He added, “So we tried to get a little funky, and everything that we’ve heard coming back from She Keeps Me Up is very positive.” The rocker said the song started gaining momentum, and they decided to release it as a single. “The next thing you know we’re shooting a video for it and now it’s in the set list and its a lot of fun to play live,” Kroeger said.

The No Fixed Address Tour will coincide with the band’s 20th anniversary, although the rocker says Nickelback actually formed some time in 1996. “We kind of got together in 1995, but I don’t think we played our first show until somewhere in 1996, so it’s nineteen years. It’s been a whirlwind. It’s been a roller coaster ride,” he said. Kroeger told Billboard he is just happy the band is still together after so many years. “There’s a lot of external factors that play into how long you’re gonna be around, and we’ve just been incredibly lucky. We’ve worked hard, but the longer we’re around the more I realize that the stars truly do have to align in order for this to happen the way it’s happened to us,” the rocker said. Nickelback will embark on the European portion of their tour on September 30th, their No Fixed Address Tour is expected to conclude in November at the Wembley Arena in London.