Nick Jonas and Meghan Trainor Are ‘Voice’ Duds

Season 8 of The Voice is getting so pumped up with the entry of extremely talented performers and artists. Other than the coaches, what makes it more exciting is the inclusion of high profile voice mentors like Nick Jonas and Meghan Trainor who will share a thing or two about musical excellence and proper vocal execution. Ultimately, it is called The Voice because it focuses on the artists’ vocal prowess more than anything else. However, Season 8 has some serious letdowns in the entry of Jonas as the mentor for Team Christina, and Trainor as the mentor for Team Blake. Not that the two are less than stellar, they are actually huge in their own right. Also, it is not to say that the two are not vocally gifted, they are just not yet credible as vocal mentors.

As of the moment, each team is already proving worthy of competition. There are big voiced artists like India Carney, Rob Taylor, Joe Tolo and Sonic. There are also unique performers like Sawyer Fredericks, Brooke Adee and Travis Ewing. So many potential hitmakers are there on the show expecting to have their big breaks soon. With the coaching of Christina AguileraPharrell WilliamsAdam Levine and Blake Shelton, they can possibly make it big in the industry.

In terms of mentors, The Voice always has vocal powerhouses and musical legends. Past seasons had Alicia Keys, Jewel, Cher, Reba, Sia, Miranda Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie, Ryan Tedder, Rob Thomas, among others. These artists are not just pop superstars, but they have also already proven how musically gifted they are.

Jonas, when compared to these other artists, is not yet musically superior. Likewise, Trainor has not yet even proven her longevity in the industry. While it is true that both are popular nowadays and can help in the ratings game, both are letdowns because it decreases the credibility factor of the show. Imagine Jonas and Trainor coaching artists far more vocally superior than they are. Is it not problematic that some of the artists who made it in the show can even be more credible to be vocal coaches than the two? Trainor has only one genuine hit under her belt, and Jonas has only recently found his musical prominence again. Is it not too early for them to be mentors?

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