New Refused Song and Album

It’s been 17 long years since Swedish hardcore punk outfit Refused released their unforgettable classic record The Shape of Punk to Come. After years of inactivity, multiple side projects and the occasional reunion show, the band has finally announced the upcoming release of their new record entitled Freedom.

In anticipation for the album’s June 30th release through Epitaph Records, the band also revealed the album’s trippy artwork and teased fans with a promo video for the opening track “Elektra”. With razor sharp guitar riffs and the unique brutal screams of front man Dennis Lyxzen, the chorus of “Elektra” states that “nothing has changed”, and this sentiment couldn’t ring more true. Lyxzen released a statement saying, “This is one of the most radical things we’ve ever done, both musically and lyrically.” One listen to “Elektra” will have fans hardcore dancing in excitement. This will be the band’s forth album and first time working with famed producer Nicolas Launay, whose resume includes working with such acts as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Arcade Fire.

The band suffered their first breakup only months after the release of, what is now considered a quintessential hardcore record, 1998’s The Shape of Punk to Come. Each member went off to start side projects, most notably Lyxzen’s The (International) Noise Conspiracy. Throughout the years fans have witnessed Refused reunion shows and tours, but with the release of their documentary tentatively titled Refused Are F*cking Dead back in 2006, the prospects of an official reuniting of the band seemed bleak. Luckily, Refused are back from the dead and it seems they are here to stay. “It’s not just a reunion anymore,” stated Lyxzen.

Known for their controversial and radical anti-capitalist themes and lyrics, the creative and thought provoking titles revealed on the tracklist to Freedom should come as no surprise to old and new fans alike: Elektra, Old Friends / New War, Dawkins Christ, Francafrique, Thought Is Blood, War on the Palaces, Destroy the Man, 366, Servants of Death, Useless Europeans.

The band will be aggressively touring in support of the record from the beginning of May into late August, playing some dates with rock legends Faith No More. While it is possible to pre-order the record, die-hard fans can purchase a limited edition deluxe version from that comes with enough goodies to make the last 17 years well worth the wait.

FDRMX Eyes: Pacovolume is a French Indie Rock artist from Paris. Check out his video “Cookie Machine.”

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