New Details In Michael Jackson’s Assault Case

Although the case has been relatively quiet in recent years, Wade Robson has continued to pursue his charges of molestation and sexual abuse against the late Michael Jackson. Now it seems as though that Robson, an acclaimed choreographer, has received access to additional information that could lead to a conviction against Jackson. The assistance comes from Rob Zonen, Santa Barbara Assistant District Attorney, who gave Robson access to his personal files from the original investigation into Jackson’s sexual assault charges. The files could contain inforation about Jordan Chandler (Jackson’s 1993 accuser) as well as Gavin Arviso (Jackson’s 2005 accuser).

Robson hopes to use the information from these cases to assist with his own case, which is currently in development. Unlike previous cases filed against the musician, Robson will be filing a civil case against Jackson’s estate. Previous cases were all filed in a criminal court, where juries had to consider whether or not Jackson was guilty with reasonable doubt. Civil cases consider a preponderance of the evidence, allowing for more evidence to see the light of day.

In the past, Robson has publicly claimed that Jackson did not abuse him. Since then he has retracted his statement and now claims that his denial was a way of repressing the experiences. He now claims that he was seven years old when the molestation first occurred, going on to claim that he shared a bed with Michael Jackson for a year during that time. Since Robson has changed his story a maid has refuted his claims, stating that she also witnessed Jackson’s abuse of Robson.

Robson will be joined in the case by James Safechuck, who claims to have first been molested by Jackson at the age of nine. He has also alleged that his family received a one million dollar pay out in the past, and that he was once wed to Jackson in a secret wedding service.

Recent reports have been released that Michael Jackson paid upwards of $200 million to approximately twenty alleged victims. This news is claimed to explain why the cases against Jackson disappeared after going to court. It has been rumored that the actual amount of cash that changed hands may be revealed in the documents Robson now has access to.

Jackson, who died in 2009, has always denied any claims of sexual assault. He has been acquitted in two cases, one in 1993 and one in 2005. During his life, he became known as the King of Pop, but these allegations have severly damaged his lasting legacy. It remains to be seen what will come of these latest efforts by Robson and Safechuck.

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