Netflix: 15 Shows You Didn’t Know You Could Watch (Part 2)

Welcome back to the list of shows you probably didn’t know were on Netflix. In part one, we covered a bunch of nostalgic programs on the streaming service, but here in part two we’ll be covering more recent programming – some of it is still being aired right now. Scroll down for more unexpected Netflix shows below.

Number Eight: The Clone Wars

The most recent Star Wars film broke all kinds of box-office records and it’s safe the say the world was Star Wars fever right now. If you can’t get enough, check out The Clone Wars, which is an animated show available on Netflix.

Number Seven: The Kennedys

This isn’t the most famous show, but that’s strange not only because its subject matter very famous, but its cast is pretty well-known, too. It includes Katie Holmes, Barry Pepper, Greg Kinnear and Tom Wilkinson in the main roles.

Number Six: Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is the show for fans of the surreal. The David Lynch creation is strange and strangely satisfying. There’s a new version of it coming out soon, so it’s worth checking out in case you want to see what the new incarnation has to offer.

Number Five: Portlandia

This IFC original show stars SNL’s former Fred Armisen and his partner Carrie Brownstein. Its humor is off-kilter, but there are a lot of great sketches in the show.

Number Four: Trailer Park Boys

If you’re a fan of Eastbound and Down-style over-the-top humor, check out this Canadian comedy about some reckless guys living in – and wreaking havoc on – a trailer park. The Leahy character is particularly hilarious.

Number Three: A Netflix Original – Peaky Blinders

This is a Netflix original, yet it doesn’t get much coverage. It’s about English organized crime in the early 20th century and stars the excellent Cillian Murphy.

Number Two: Top of the Lake

This New Zealand series is moody and thrilling – and it has some seriously beautiful shots. It stars Elisabeth Moss, who is known to American audiences as Peggy Olson in Mad Men.

Number One: The Fall

The Fall is one of the best shows on Netflix – and it is currently still running, with its third season coming out later this year. If you want to catch up, its first two seasons are available on Netflix now. It stars Gillian Anderson (of The X-Files fame) and Jamie Dornan from Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s it for our Netflix list. Thanks for reading!