Neglected Dog Gets 35 Pounds Of Fur Shaved Off

Who could imagine that the rich and fluffy fur of our puppies can become a great risk for their health and physical condition! If left untreated the fur can be so dense and thick that it can give nightmares to the puppies as well as their… groomers! Check out this strange story of this great Pyrenees puppy that had a major fur issue! Don’t miss slide #17 and #14 that shows how huge its fur really was. No visual illusion… promise!

20. Somebody Noticed Something Strange

Our Story begins in 2016 when somebody noticed something strange in a small and calm neighborhood. Something cute and furry that you definitely have to check out in the next slide!

19.A Great Pyrenees Dog

It was a seven-year-old Great Pyrenees that was found trapped in a barn. The kind person that found him was concerned about the dog’s health because it seemed like the animal had to be groomed for months… or years!

18.Uncomfortable Environment

The barn where the dog was found in was extremely dirty and unhealthy and the dog itself seemed to be in bad shape and health. But the most shocking thing was its fur!

17.Tons Of Fur

The little dog was covered in a huge coat. Its fur was so thick and dense that he could barely walk. And that’s not all!

16.Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue an animal control service was immediately informed. They later shared more information about our story on their social media. Click next to find out what they reported!

15. What They Said

“You cannot imagine the squalor in which this dog lived and there are no words adequate to convey the horror. The person who owned him simply threw over his food and water to him. Conditions were so awful they had to shovel feces to even be able to open the door to get him out. Not once before this picture was taken has this dog walked on grass or seen the sky above him.”

14. In The Hands Of The Groomers

The groomers arrived at the house in a heartbeat! The little dog started to get nervous when he saw the clippers and later it seemed to understand that all of this was for its own good!

13.Still Friendly and Cheerful

Despite the filthy and difficult conditions that the dog had to endure, he seemed to be extremely friendly. One of the groomers said: “He was OK with the human touch but didn’t seem familiar to it. He warmed up to us really quick. Especially after offering treats.”

12. New Home New Name

The moment they finished grooming the dog they transferred it to its new home at Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. There it was free to run and play with other dogs that were also rescued. The rescuers also gave it a new name: Lazarus!

11. Healthy But Something Was Missing

The dog seemed to look much healthier with its normal fur that looked bright and fluffy! The rescuers felt that they had to give Lazarus all they had for both his general health as well as its mental health.

10. Some More Medical Issues

Lazarus had some more medical issues. It had some minor tears in its tails as well as some small tumors so the team rushed Lazarus to the vet to find out more!

9. Treating His Mental Health

The rescuers also decided to help Lazarus feel more free and happy. At first, the little pup couldn’t even walk but after some weeks of training, he took its first brave steps after a long time!

8. A Special Treat

After a few weeks of special treatment, the rescues wanted to give Lazarus something really special! They decided to offer him his very own steak! What he did with it will make you say “aww”.

7. How Do I Eat That?

At first, Lazarus was shocked by its smell and wasn’t sure how to eat that thing so he stood there sniffing it for some time. After a long examination and careful planning, he decided to take a huge bite out of it!

6. Time For A Forever Home

After some time Lazarus’ physical and mental health was thriving. It was this moment that Big Fluffy Dog Rescue members began looking for a possible new owner who would give love and care to him!

5. A New Mom!

How could you resist that snout? A new mom was found for him and she seemed to be the perfect new owner for him! She really has shown that she would love Lazarus more than anything!

4. Lazarus was 8 years old!

By his eight birthday Lazarus looked nothing like his former self! He was happy, healthy and had a rich, fluffy and of course, a well-groomed fur!

3. Introduced To His New Home

It was this day that he was introduced to his new home and started further socialization with other dogs that his new mom adopted over the years.

2. Thankful To All Of Them

Lazarus was thankful to all of them. If it wasn’t for that kind man who found him and reported his case to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Lazarus’ future would be dire…

1.And Of Course His Mom












And he couldn’t be more thankful to his new mom who agreed to take care of him and treat him with love and passion -which after all, he deserves- forever!