Nate Ruess: ‘AhHa’ Single Review

If you are in need of a feel-good song, look no further, I’ve done the work for you and found the perfect song. Nate Ruess, just released his second single under his own name and “AhHa” is just what we need in a world of over-thinkers and self-doubters.  Nate Ruess’s voice, in the song, jumps back and forth between sounding angry and frustrated to sounding jubilant and encouraging. “AhHa” is reminiscent of the foot-stomping music that Fun has been known for in the past. This song is a lot more rock inspired than the previous single he released, “Nothing Without Love” and “AhHa” has the upbeat tempo and catchy chorus of any proper anthem.

Nate’s writing has already become a dominant force in the world of music and this song is just a reminder as to why that is. The lyrics are honest, heartbreaking, unapologetic and encouraging.   “By the time I turned 25/ I was lost among the pavement/ Lower than the basement/ And I couldn’t stand and smile/ I thought of taking my own life.” While carefully listening to the lyrics, there’s no denying that Ruess is not holding back with this new album. In “AhHa” he gives the full album a mini and subtle shout out, “Mom, I think they’re trying to keep the grand romantic in me/ Now that we got bottom lines/ But mom, I think I’m ready to free this grand romantic in me.” When listening to this song, it seems to be a reassurance to himself and the fans that this album may be his best one yet.

I can understand how sometimes fans can be hesitant to accept when an artist diverts away from something they are so used to. The thing is, how can you not support Nate Ruess on this new venture? When he’s putting up songs like, “AhHa” and “Nothing Without Love” my anticipation for the new album just keeps growing stronger. Plus, I mean, if you’re really missing the songs from Fun, this is the song to listen to being that it sounds quite similar to “Some Nights” from Fun’s 2012 album. If Nate Ruess keeps the momentum going, I’m sure that Grand Romantic, is sure to become the most anticipated album of the summer.