Nalani & Sarina – Runaway

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Nalani & Sarina have just released a brand new music video for their enchanting song, “Runaway.” The video is a well-filmed live performance of the unplugged version of the song at the Carriage House Studios in Stamford, CT. The two most over-used words in the music business are “special” and “unique.” But how else would you describe identical twin, teenage sisters who write, play, and sing with a depth and ability far beyond their years? This is the most endearing story in music that you will hear in a long time. And it doesn’t hurt that the young women are stunningly beautiful. Born to music-loving parents, the twins attended concerts and sing-a-longs “in the womb,” eventually joining in vocally themselves at about age five. That must have been the cutest thing in the world to see at Connecticut family picnics. And you can only imagine how adorable are the kinds of parents that name their children these fanciful names. Their formal classical piano training began a year later. Their mother made sure their informal music education included all the great legends, from Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen to the Beatles and Alanis Morissette. These girls genuinely live and breathe music. I hope that their musical careers will take off, because it is a really difficult thing to have to enter the normal working world after having spent such a lovely childhood making music. For the past three years, the girls have been performing original material throughout the Northeast, as well as at a number of college campuses.

Music by: Nalani and Sarina Bolton
Videography by: Adam V. Ciccarino III