My Robot Friend – Goodbye

The simplistic art style of the video for My Robot Friend’s “Goodbye” is fitting of the quiet, almost murmuring quality of the vocals.  Somehow, the tune is optimistic and melancholy at the same time, and the visuals are mostly in blue tones, so they match up quite nicely.  To start off with, there is a man laying on what looks like a plank of wood, floating around on a calm body of water.  He lays here for a while as the singer goes on, thinking about his life and remembering things about a woman, presumably his girlfriend or lover.  Eventually, over the course of the song, he pulls himself up, and starts dragging things out of the water – a sail that is a bed sheet, a mast that is a lamp post, etc.  They are all things from his memories of his life, and they all come together to help him make a boat so he can sail across the body of water and return home or perhaps move on with life.  There is a bit of a twist ending in the visuals, which I won’t give away, but definitely watch through to the end at least once; you will be glad you did!

Video by MakeMake
The song is available for purchase from iTunes and Amazon:
Thanks to Davide Melis for the character rigging.
Animated in C4D & textured in After Effects.