MusicSnake: ‘Shake It’ Single Review

MusicSnake is one of the few artists out there that always tries to innovate and he does bring in front some very interesting music. You never know what to expect with each new single and “Shake It”, the new release from MusicSnake does tend to keep up with that trend.

Lyrics and message

The lyrics for “Shake It” are very simple and you can easily memorize them after listening to this song 1-2 times. It’s a simplistic, yet catchy tune whose lyrics don’t really care about sending a message, basically the song is more about sharing a feeling of fun and excitement rather than making you think about something in your life.
I believe that “Shake It” does a great job when it comes to being a very good song for those downtimes when you are bored or when you don’t have enough morale. You just put “Shake It” on and then you will immediately start moving. I found it to be a very good, fun song and one that does bring in front plenty of value and funny moments. You don’t have to take this song seriously and that does work to its advantage. That made it great for me, the fact that it’s a really nice, fun song that you can listen whenever you want to relax.

Music and beats

When I first listened to “Shake It” I was very impressed by the large number of genres integrated into a single song. You have some very good hip-hop, some dubstep and plenty of indie rock as well. This does make the experience very interesting and it does make you listen to the song over and over again. In fact, the entire song is easy to jam to and you will indeed love playing it just because it’s so distinct and exciting when compared to anything else you can find out there.
Does it get boring quickly? It might for some people, true, but for me at least “Shake It” managed to remain interesting even if listened to it for more than 10 times. In fact, the musical feeling is better and I do find the song a lot more interesting due to that reason alone.

Should you check it out?

It depends on the genre you like, but if you want to try out something new and which can rarely be found anywhere else, then this song is for you. While listening to this song I managed to forget about those demanding things in my life and I got to have fun. It might be a little repetitive when it comes to the lyrics but the musical line is sound, the beat is very good and the combination of genres makes it really interesting to begin with. So yes, if you do want an interesting song unlike many of the others on the market, this one can be a solid choice. You should consider listening to “Shake It” and give MusicSnake’s other work a chance; you will end up liking it quite a bit!