MusicSnake – Here Comes the Sun Cover Review

The MusicSnake cover of The Beatles song Here Comes the Sun is an interesting cover. Here Comes the Sun has been covered by many, different bands. The MusicSnake’s cover was The Beatles meets Hip Hop. Since it was performed and recorded live, there are some issues with the vocals.

One of the major problems with the audio is that the bass and the guitar are much clearer than the vocals. This makes it hard to hear the vocalist, even with high-quality earphones. Most times, vocalists are recorded singing live, and the vocal levels are corrected during the post production. The choice not to correct the audio levels can be the artist’s choice, but it still seems to be out of place.

The video also looks low-budget since it was recorded in a music studio. This has worked for other bands and has looked amazing. The problem is that at one point you can see the other camera and the camera person. This does remind the audience that it was shot live. So, the choices of the cuts and the camera attached to the bass do not provide the audience much value. Many of the other covers are shot with the same camera angles, so these are choices that the band or the video creator believe are a good idea.

The video that is shot with cameras on tripods look nice and with the black and white filter the overall music video is very arty. The bass camera is nearly always moving, causing a weird shift. There is a lot that could have been done to fix this cover of The BeatlesHere Comes the Sun. However, the MusicSnake has their own style of recording and editing their videos to fit into the Rap Rock and Hip-Hop Genres.

MusicSnake has been around since 2009, and they create their own music and cover songs. Here Come the Sun does not really seem like it works well with the vocalist’s voice. There is a lot of potential in this band, as they are all having fun and sound good together.

Since the vocalist does sound much clearer in songs sung in Russian, there is the possibility that they are more comfortable with Russian lyrics over English ones. This would explain why the vocals of the English cover are much lower compared to the Russian one. In the future, we could see that the English covers from the MusicSnake become much clearer. Overall, there is work that could be done to make Here Comes the Sun cover better, but MusicSnake have a lot positives going for them.