Moviestars – Say Much

Amsterdam’s avant-garde pop band, Moviestars, bring you a black and white music video for “Say Much.” Take a look at the city streets of Amsterdam has you listen to the grungy, rock and roll tunes of the guitar. When a couple goes through a rough time in their relationship, usually one keeps to his or herself. “Say much” is about that specific person who doesn’t say much in a relationship. A man and woman journey through the streets. One moment they are perfectly content with one another; then the intimacy begins to crumble. Jealousy begins to play a big role as the woman finds another man to be happy with, leaving her old beau miserable and down in the dumps. The tone of the track and the video is very dark. The black and white filter coincides with the avant-garde track very well. Towards the end, the music becomes somewhat distorted, leaving the viewer anxious as they watch what happens to the couple and their apartment.

Music and video by Moviestars
Camera by Danila Goryunkov
Girl – Alissa Nicolaï
Additional shots by Jochem Bakker