Most Terrifying Creatures Roaming Freely In Australia That Can Make You Rethink Your Visit There

Australia seems to be a nice destination for your next holiday trip, right? If you really consider to visit Australia within your lifetime, now it’s the time to think about it again. This slideshow proves that the animals living in the land down under took the oath to avenge humanity. Don’t miss #14 & #11.

20. Shoplifter Python

This 9.6 feet shoplifter python was removed from a apparel shop in Australia. The owners calmly removed him from the shop as if this was a routine operation. It seems like there wasn’t anything that suited the python after all.

19. Foxes That Fly?

These bats are considered among the largest bats in the world. They’re so big that they look like foxes with wings, hence their name. They’re the closest real thing to a vampire though they only hunt insects, and they’re very friendly too.


18. Tree Lobsters

One of the most rare kind of bug, found only in Australia and known as the “tree lobster”. You may guess why… These enormous bugs reside on the trees and thankfully, they’re  approachable for a handshake! Fun fact: They were considered extinct in 1996, only to be rediscovered in 2001.

17. Goth Spider

This spider has something unique that everyone who likes the goth style will appreciate! This spider has perched a skull in the front of its body making it terrifying to observe. Though, it would scare everyone even without the skull, what do you think?

16. Cool Sheep

Did you think that sheep weren’t cool enough? Well, even the sheep in the land down under are used into the “life on the fast lane”. Here is an outstanding photo of a farmer that took his sheep into a adventure in the dessert!

15. The Crocodiles

How can we avoid talking about the mighty crocodiles? As you know Australia is filled with these creatures but some of them are kind enough to let us observe them closely. Into their protective tank of course…

14. Coconut Crab

This crab surely isn’t as small as a coconut! This giant crab lives in Australia and judging by the picture, he is giant! Locals say that these crabs are very strong but quite friendly with humans!

13. Ostriches

On the less deadly side of Australia, the gods of photobombing, Ostriches. Australia is known to have a large population of Ostriches so if you plan your visit there, don’t forget to take a photo with them!

12. Colorful Octopus

They say that octopuses may be aliens and this little fella here confirms that this make sense, This octopus though is one of the most deadly animals on the planet as it is a special kind of venomous octopus. It is estimated that the poison that these creatures carry with them can kill up to 26 humans within minutes!

11. Giant Worm

This would make some serious quantity of bait for your fishing trip! These giant worms who live in Australia can reach great lengths and sizes and live for many years. It would be a pity for them to be just a bait for fishing, right?

10. Marble Snail

What a cute snail, right? Well, no…Be careful not to encounter this kind of snail when you visit Australia as this creature’s sting can cause fatal damage to your respiratory muscles. If you really want to observe his beautiful shell, be sure to keep a distance!

9. Jaws

Did you know that floods in Australia is a casual thing? What you surely don’t know is that these floods bring into shallow waters this kind of bull shark. You’re always in danger, even on land!

8. Snakes

Be careful because this kind of snake can be hidden almost everywhere. In this instance this snake was found in a golf field, inside a hole. Are you already considering ever playing golf , right?

7. Giant Jellyfish

What would that giant omelet be? Well, this is a giant jellyfish which was washed up on rocky beach. This put the nail in the coffin of your swimming dreams in Australia.

6. Spiders (Of course)

We can’t talk about the horror in Australia without mentioning spiders… One of the most feared species on earth sitting in its nest which happens to be in an electric panel. Poor electrician….

5. Giant Anacoda

If you fear snakes, consider skipping this one. This giant anacoda would easily shallow this diver at once. No more strolls in the river, right?

4. The Same Insect

We know that is hard to believe but these two insects are before and after versions of the same insect… the Australian Tick! The Australian Tick is a parasite which usually injects toxins into their host while they feed from it. Greedy, right?

3. Giant Lizard

Imagine walking back to your hotel, only to meet this giant lizard waiting for you. A real life dragon! What would you do?

2. Dangerous And Ugly

One of the most venomous things in Australia and well… the world. This dangerous stonefish can pierce your leg and send you to the hospital in an emergency within seconds. This is why most locals wears shoes in the water.

1. Solider Beetles


Imagine being invaded by this enormous swarm of soldier beetles… In Australia you aren’t safe, no matter what.