Most Brutal, Weird and Hilarious Celebrity Tweets From 2018 

Twitter: can’t live with it, can’t live without it. That seems to be the consensus for the millions of people who are obsessed with the social media platform. Twitter can be frustrating and negative, but it also has the potential for hilarious celebrity interactions. These are the craziest tweets from 2018. 

14. Patton Oswalt 

Patton Oswalt had a big 2018. His late wife’s book was a bestseller and it contributed to the capture of a serial killer. Now happily remarried, Oswalt had something to say about his wife’s ex-boyfriend: Grover.  

13. Gabourey Sidibe 

Sidibe isn’t the only person who has become too reliant on Alexa and other AI apps that answer any question, at any time. This experience proves that we’ve reached the stage where we expect to be able to talk to any machine we encounter, including elevators, toasters, and even our cars.  

12. T-Pain 

T-Pain is worrying about something totally different than talking to sentient robots and machines. He’s worried about the things we can’t see: ghosts. This makes him a great candidate for the TV show Celebrity Ghost Hunt. 

11. Lena Dunham 

The number of people who are still interested in what Lena Dunham has to say is dwindling, but we have to admit, watching her can provide some entertainment. Partially that’s because we aren’t sure whether this tweet was meant to be a joke, or if this is really her life.  


10. Seth Rogen and His Mom 

Seth Rogen and his mom are keeping it very real here. Twitter makes it possible for this cringeworthy conversation to take place in public rather than just the living room. It’s just like Rogen’s 2012 movie The Guilt Trip, where Barbara Streisand played dear old mom. 

9. Kumail Nanjiani  

As Kumail Nanjiani recognizes, there is something terrifying about the way we used to live. Without a telephone in our pockets, no one could even reach us! But the worst thing had to be the telephone ringing with no indication of who it could be. Sounds like a horror movie! 


8. William Shatner 

William Shatner is one of the people who makes Twitter fun. When he’s not picking fights with various fandoms, this octogenarian is still a quick wit. Here he wonders what that Star Trek show was all about! 

7. Adam Levine 

Adam Levine’s daughters aren’t old enough for school just yet, but he’s collecting vintage lunch boxes so their school lunch game will be tough to beat. That movie starred Shaquille O’Neal, for those of you too young to remember Shaq’s four rap albums: Shaq Diesel, Shaq Fu: The Return, You Can’t Stop the Reign, and Respect. 

8. Anna Kendrick 

This is… relatable? I mean who among us has not spent a day filling up our Amazon cart, only to whittle the entire basket down to one item before deciding even that is too much effort? As for the porn part, no comment.  


7. Rainn Wilson 

One of life’s most enduring mysteries is how businesses wind up with horrible font choices, like Arial, Papyrus, Comic Sans, and Verdana. Each one is horrible in its own way. We would’ve loved to hear her response. 

6. Julie Klausner 

The bottom line here is that I have not done this, although now that Julie wrote about it, the unused hot chocolate packets in my cupboard are calling my name. Oh and few women will ever recover from the Kavanaugh hearings.  

5. Richard Marx 

The number of people owning Donald Trump after one of his tweets numbers in the thousands, but few got more traction in 2018 than Richard Marx’s response to Trump claiming to have “misspoke” about Russia. The “Right Here Waiting for You” singer corrected his chart-topping hit appropriately.  

4. Conan O’Brien 

Now that Conan’s show has been cut to a half-hour, he has more time on his hands to send tweets like this. With the rate of violence and larceny increasing every Black Friday, he actually has a good point.  

3. Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most entertaining guys on Twitter. Here he channels his Deadpool character to remind parents that at least having kids means available donors just in case they ever need a kidney or other organ. Sweet!

2. Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy Teigen practically owns both Witter and Instagram these days. A tweet like this is something many, many couples can relate to. Who hasn’t bought five chargers only to find out that none of them were actually in the house when you needed them?? 

1. Chelsea Peretti

Yes, Twitter really is that bad. Fights, bullying and petty arguments always seem to take over on Twitter. Chelsea nails the worst part of it: that no matter what, we can’t seem to turn away. On to 2019!