Morrissey & Marshall – I’ve Got a Plan

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Ireland’s duo Morrissey & Marshall stroll along strumming acoustic guitars in their music video for their hit single “I’ve Got a Plan.” This triumphant anthem is a call-to-arms tune that inevitably gets the audiences in the music video excited and pumped to do whatever it is they’re being called to do. Past boats docked in a canal, further into town, across an intersection, and on into a dimly lit pub, the two gents tap their toes along the way while fans clap their hands and cheer in support of the Beatles and Everly Brothers style harmonies. Morrissey and Marshall even get people on boats and in the street to dance along. The two fellows look completely and utterly in their element, and it’s clear that their stage presence is thoroughly engaging not to mention charming. You would be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t inspired and hopefully after watching this simple yet motivating music video.

Label: IRL | Project Spread
Video producer: Damian Todd
Director: Zak Bentley
Editor: Marcelo Vianna
DOP: Pedro Ribeiro
Camera: Sam Neill & Alex Crane