Morebarn – Only a Circle

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Morebarn is back with a new music video for “Only a Circle.” The video portrays Gary Waldman strumming his Portuguese guitar alongside Hannah Cohen who is playing a concert zither. The striking animation consists of zooming circles with blue, purple, and green leaves. The song explains life as a continuous cycle which is depicted by the four seasons. Waldman sings, “life is a circle from beginning to end,” just like the seasons start all over again. The director and animators did a great job conveying that message, drawing the same tree within each season. During the Summer, the tree is lively, filled with bright green leaves. In the Winter, the tree is bare, brittle, and cold. The folk tunes and assisting harmonies are soothing. The lyrics are very simple, yet beautiful. When the full circle of trees is complete, it creates a unique mandala (a circle of life!). Life never really ends. It is always just beginning.

Official Music Video for “Only a Circle” by Morebarn
Directed and Animated by Julie Gratz
Additional Animation by Annalise Murphy
Music produced, engineered and mixed by Jeff Hill
Gary Waldman – Vocal & Portuguese guitar
Hannah Cohen – Harmony vocal
Jeff Hill – Bass and pocket piano
Ethan Eubanks – Drums and percussion
Jon Graboff – Pedal steel