Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox – 13th World

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Turn the volume up as you watch “13th World” by Moonbeam featuring Avis Vox. The track immediately begins as you meet a woman dressed in a long green dress, sitting in the woods. She is holding a bow and arrow, seemingly hunting for something (we are assuming that she represents the past). Another beautiful woman is introduced as she walks on the streets of civilization (we reckon she symbolizes the present). A third lady comes in, wearing black and white and dots on her face. She wanders around in a broken-down and abandoned building (we are thinking future). Each of the three have the same mark on their skin; it’s a triangle of some sort. The mysterious women wander about in their specific surroundings, contemplating and walking in slow motion. Avis Vox provides us with her beautifully eerie vocals that perfectly suit the track, which is packed with synths, chords, and drum beats. It’s guaranteed to make you close your eyes and dance in your seat. If you are a party-goer, you might want to request this catchy, dance-pop track.

Directed by Igor Kiselev
Produced by Pavel Khvaleev
Stylist – Maria Pushkova
Makeup & Hair Stylist – Elena Erina
Models – Zapivohina Olga, Belihina Lena, Ulianova Luba

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Owners of Moonbeam DigitalMoonbeam brothers are glad to present their new single with the amazing Avis Vox called “13th World.” We know this collaboration during many years. And as always, space style, attractive melody, groovy beats by Moonbeam and charming voice by Avis Vox.

“13th World” – it’s a place where your dreams come true, where you will forget all bad things, and Moonbeam in your headphones will help you.

Original package comes with original, dub and radio mixes. Enjoy listening!