Monks of Mellonwah – Ghost Stories

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Australian alternative rock band Monks of Mellonwah’s music video for “Ghost Stories” is an eerie, aggravated video shot entirely in black and white. The opening shot is lead singer Vikram Kaushnik sitting on the floor of a padded cell, tied up in a straight jacket. A nurse sits opposite him in a chair, reading ghost stories from a book aloud to him. Soon it’s clear that the rest of the band, bassist John de la Hoyde, guitarist Joe de la Hoyde, and drummer Josh Baissari, are all contained in the insane asylum. The asylum staff’s behavior towards the band soon become much less docile and much more violent and sinister. Special effects come into play as the padded walls start closing in on Kaushnik, as dead leaves on the floor start floating up to the ceiling, as white fluff falls from the sky, covering the band and their instruments. Kaushnik runs through the maze of padded cell halls, desperately trying to find his bandmates as the song escalates into a frenzied outlet.

Directed by Bruno Kataoka
Special thanks to Jason, Matt & Genna
© Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd 2013