Monique Abbadie: ‘Imperfect’ Single Review

She never said she was perfect, but we should tell Monique Abbadie that her new song “Imperfect” is precious on so many levels. On January 19th, Monique uploaded on her YouTube channel an original song, which she describes as something that many people will be able to relate to. Yes, she is perfectly accurate in that because the message of the song cuts through the experiences of people who are “searching for the right kind of love.” The guitar-driven power ballad serves a sizeable amount of melancholy for the soul who remembers the times he or she had with a special someone.

Vocally, Monique shows immense improvement from her stint on The Voice. The expanse of versatility she shows as an artist is really commendable. For most people, she is best remembered as the singer who killed Shakira’s “Loca” during the Blind Auditions. The Latina, who made all coaches turn for her, even proved her worth when she did a decent rendition of Lady Gaga’s “You and I” during the Battle Rounds. However, these were all behind Monique’s past, as the phase she is in right now clearly puts Monique in the list of the artists we must watch out for. With her wide vocal range and vibrant artistry, Monique only proves that you do not need to be a winner to chase your star.

In “Imperfect,” Monique showcased her belting power, while singing about the pain of losing someone you deeply love. Her falsettos were well executed, as well as her soft notes. They serve as great equalizers to the parts where Monique has to belt out the high notes. However, the degree of control she exhibits seals the deal.

Lyrically, Monique shows her skill as a writer who can manage to create moving verses, as foreshadowing to the strong chorus. The result is a song that is very contagious, with the pain it displays, and the acceptance that must come after that. “Imperfect” is a poignant ballad, which deserves a big audience. With the merits that must be rightfully given to the song, there’s a hope that people will notice that a song like this does not come so often.