MonaLisa Twins – I Wanna Kiss You

Immediately “I Wanna Kiss You” by the MonaLisa Twins jumps out at you like an Andy Warhol painting, or perhaps a very stylized Japanese comic book. It is the same stylized art style, but it is almost jarring because the artists on the screen are somehow filtered to make them look like them look like the 2D cartoons, which is disorienting. Everything is black and white except for their bright, bombshell red lips, their hair and skin getting different tones of gray with varying dots so that you can still tell that one of them is blond and one is brunette. Text bubbles start appearing with the lyrics, which makes it feel even more like modern pop art or a comic book of some kind, complete with different textured and toned backgrounds. This style continues throughout the entire music video, until at the end the lyrics, “I wanna kiss you / now,” when one of them does kiss the screen, and leaves behind a red lip print.

Music, Lyrics & Recording: MonaLisa Twins
Video Direction & Production: MonaLisa Twins

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