Modifier – Haptic

[jwplatform XF74pObk-Pqiywodl]

Modifier’s music video “Haptic” uses the allegory of dance to tell the story of a love triangle. The ballerina featured in the entirely black-and-white video goes en-pointe on a cobblestone street, she moves in sync with her hoodied lover, a young man she seems to be having a conflict with. When he covers her eyes with his hands, it’s clear he’s hiding something he doesn’t want her know about, and not playfully presenting a surprise. They confront each other to talk and it is then that another young woman enters the dance. The two girls struggle against each other, back to back, until the young man joins them and the triangle is complete. The video has the feel of slow motion, but it is the talents of the three dancers that create this hazy, delayed, dream-like effect. The result is as if the main character is remembering this story, and not living it in the moment.  

Written and Produced by Sean Kerwin and Chris Shelswell
Vocals by Caragh Nugent
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Studios
Music Video Produced and Directed by We Do This (Glasgow)