MØ Releases New Year’s Song With Vintage Footage

In honor of the New Year, Danish indie pop sensation , also known as Karen Marie Ørsted, has released a brand new song with a vintage video to match. The debut, entitled “New Year’s Eve,” was written and produced by MØ, featuring guitar by Rune Isager and additional production by Ronni Vindahl. The collage music video was created by MØ’s Danish friend, Anne Sofie Skaaring.

MØ surprised her fans by posting the link to her Facebook page, along with the following announcement: “NEW SONG ALERT: As a thanks to all of you who’ve been supporting me in 2014 here’s a new song! Have a GREEEEEEAT new year y’all.”

The black and white music video and weaves together old footage from Disney films and Hollywood classics, along with found footage of fireworks, explosions, and New Year’s Eve parties. The Disney films featured in the video include Cinderella (1950), and The Little Mermaid(1989). Some of the other scenes were pulled from Blow Out (1981), After the Thin Man (1936), Adventureland (2009), Meet Joe Black(1998), Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby (2013), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), UK’s Skins, and Edward Scissorhands (1990).

These snippets are interspersed with in-studio footage of the songstress, who is singing against a plain white background and wearing a fluffy white fur coat and a pair of black headphones. The scenes featuring MØ stray from the black and white format just slightly, as a dusting of light blue sparks and fireworks occasionally graces the frame.

The lyrics “My friend / Will you fly with me? / Into fire of the New Year’s Eve / We’re allowed tonight to pretend we are free,” are set against a somber piano melody. Several viewers said that the song brought tears to their eyes. One commented, “How can she do something that good about something as boring and overdone as new year’s eve?” You can watch the video here.

It was a very eventful year for the Scandinavian singer-songwriter. From sweeping the Danish Music Awards with four wins, to a shaky SNL performance with Iggy Azalea, to a successful U.S. tour, it was certainly filled with ups and downs. With the timely release of “New Year’s Eve” and the onslaught of praise she received for it, definitely ended 2014 on a good note.