The Mis-Made – Avalanche

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The stunningly animated music video for The Mis-Made’s “Avalanche” opens with a lone wolf wandering in the wintery woods. A woman, depicted looking very similar to the lead singer of The Mis-Made, watches the wolf, her eyes following him on his journey. The animation for the “Avalanche” music video is like looking at water colors move about on paper. A woman with raven black hair and a robin’s-egg-blue dress runs through the wilderness while a crow flies after her. The wolf is also kept company by a flock of crows.
The scene oscillates between a city-jungle and the actual wild. In the city, the guitarist and singer of the alternative rock band appear, not in animation form, in the windows and doors of the water color skyscrapers. In the animated wilderness, the wolf runs and runs through wind and snow until the crows finally tip him off as to where the woman in blue is waiting for him.

Music by The Mis-Made
Video Producer / Director: Kirsten T. Smith
Assistant Producers / Art Directors: Tamara Killick and Greta Anderson
Music Production: Lachlan Mitchell