Miro Belle – In Fielder

From the variety of ever changing, colorful, dancing animated characters, to the very premise on which the video was made (an animation challenge!), everything about Miro Belle’s “In Fielder” music video is fun. Every month, Loopdeloop.org, an online animation collective/organization founded in Australia, calls for animators around the world to submit looped animations based around a given theme. At the end of the month the animated loops are compiled and screened to a live audience in Melbourne, during which a winner is declared and featured online throughout the following month.

The Loopdeloop animation theme that created the video for “In Fielder” was “dance party”, and what an appropriate song to choose for the theme, as California-based producer Miro Belle’s upbeat composition plays with a series of colorfully looped sounds within itself. “In Fielder” is universal enough to have inspired dancing bearded babies, dogs, ballerinas, Dali-esque stilted-dinosaurs, fit-pandas, hamburgers and more. Enjoy! 

“We had 100 contributors in all to this project from all over the globe!! It was made with love simply for the joy of collaborative animation, and in that spirit we’d love you to share it too, lets have a WORLD WIDE ANIMATED DANCE PARTY!!”
Compiled by Nathanael Scott.

Bandcamp: mirobelle.bandcamp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mirobellemusic