Millennial Youth Pirates – Dance Love ft. Mindy Gledhill

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Get ready for another dance party here on FDRMX! The Millennial Youth Pirates (MYP) have provided us with this unbelievably catchy dance track. The vibrant music video for “Dance Love” features vocals from Mindy Gledhill. It starts off with an old television turned on to a news channel, acting as background noise. The camera then cuts to a young woman brushing her teeth and preparing for another work day. There’s a quick shot of a trash bin with a broken picture frame (a horrible breakup, perhaps). Our star then leaves her house, puts on her headphones, and begins dancing her way to work. The track is reminiscent of an 80s pop jam, which MYP is all about. “Dance Love” is their very first single and it will make you kick your feet and throw your hands in the air. If a track can make you do all these at once, we’ll want to keep our eyes and ears open for this awesome indie pop duo.

Written and Produced – Millennial Youth Pirates
Featuring – Mindy Gledhill
Mixed and Mastered – Scott Wiley

Production and Direction – Millennial Youth Pirates
Cinematography – Caitlyn Cutler and Parker Walbeck
Editing – Caitlyn Cutler
Executive Production – Arvo
Choreography – KD Rhodes
Phantom 2 Cam Operation – Jake Nackos
Location Scouting – Sam Creer

Jaime – Kate Hansen
Rocky Jamison – Harper Anderson
Lawyer 1 – Mindy Gledhill
Lawyer 2 – Courtney Kendrick
Lawyer 3 – John Curtis
Neighbor – Kaneischa Johnson
Co-worker – Brady Parks
Dancers – Nicole Calloway, Nadya Cox, Walker Croxton, Karlie Dodds, Teinei Harrington, Kalli Haws, Chase Hudson, Jerra Kofford, Liz Layton, Erika Madsen, Karli Moats, David Wright, Chenelle Young,  Annie Zarbock    

Good Citizens
Jacob Cutler, Joshua Cutler, Bryce Enslow, Ryan Enslow, Jeffrey Hinton, Kim Johnson, Dalton Nackos