Miley Cyrus to Cover Another Unlikely Classic

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Queen of controversy Miley Cyrus has announced, via Instagram, her desire to cover Leonard Cohen classic “I’m Your Man”. Though a very strange choice, it’s not in bad taste, or even surprising with her constant references to classic artists and pop culture. It’s just more fuel for the pro and anti-Cyrus parties.

Miley first shocked the indie world earlier this year with her MTV unplugged version of Arctic Monkeys‘ “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High”. “Summertime Sadness” suited her better, though still splitting opinion. Then again she caused a stir with her awful Smiths cover, in which she appeared to take selfies…

Though strange at first, it took a surreal friendship with The Flaming LipsWayne Coyne to convince people she actually wanted to be involved in music outside of commercial pop. Their numerous escapades, videos and music plans have been detailed heavily through their own social media outputs and numerous news outlets.

Fans and critics alike have loved and hated her experimentation with odd videos and covers. Some loving that such an extroverted and powerful figure could shake up rock, and some snobbishly (although possibly correctly) dismissing her as just a typical attention craving pop singer. Her cover of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, which will appear on Coynes Sgt. Pepper tribute album (due October the 28th), has startled many fans into a frenzy, not knowing what to think, while simultaneously causing worry about her open drug use.

This new cover is possibly her most daring and unlikely yet. Such gloomy poeticism is normally saved for older, much more morose musicians, not reckless young pop stars with sell out tours. But that’s the kind of star Cyrus is, completely unpredictable, polarising, and despite the massive amounts of exposure, there’s no guarantee she’s genuine about any of this.

With the song not even out, it’s already making waves in the media. It seems each and every move she makes is inspected and analysed, thus creating more speculation and excitement. When she instagrammed images of the iconic Bikini Kill punk Kathleen Hanna, the world reacted, and so did Hanna. The iconic punk singer took to twitter, telling her “I have an idea for an album that only you are daring enough to make.”

Love her or hate her, she’s got good taste, and the chance to make history.