MIdnite x I Grade – Credited

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The haunting, reggae feel of MIdnite x I Grade‘s “Credited” pairs well with the shifting, smoky imagery that plays throughout the video. It explores the theme of giving credit to those that “make the numbers round”. The smooth rhythm and lyrics make allusions to biblical references as the video goes on; there are drawings of a lion laying down with a lamb, and the singer talks about David from the story of David and Goliath, as well as Judas, the disciple that betrayed Jesus. It is a very meditative piece, and the the lyrics fade in and out of clarity, donning and almost dub-step feel at times with stuttering repetitions of syllables. Interestingly, the air of mysticism that this song is infused with is mirrored by the outdoor scenes of the video, and at the same time the combination with the more modern techno undertone fits in when the images cut to indoors.  This is a very thought provoking, reflective track, and definitely takes more than one sitting to let the meaning and imagery set in.

Lyrics/Vocal Melodies: Vaughn Andre Benjamin (BMI)
Drums/Percussion: Lloyd “Junior” Richards
Bass/Percussion: David “JAH DAVID” Goldfine
Keyboards/Melodica/Guitars: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred
Lead Guitar: Padraic Coursey
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred at Aqua Sounds Studio, STX
Directed/Filmed/Edited: Birhan Tonge
Additional Camera Work: Ajanie Clunie, Josiah Winans, and Paul Cusin
Original Artwork by: Marcus Wilson and Omar Boothman
Produced by: Royal Ras Productions and I Grade Records

Website: igraderecords.com
Facebook: iGradeRecords
Twitter: twitter.com/igraderecords