Microsoft: 40 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 3)

We already brought you parts one and two of our list of 40 things you didn’t know about Microsoft, and now we’re back with part three! Check out 10 more interesting details about the hugely successful software company that you definitely (probably) didn’t know. And stay tuned for our fourth and final installment of this list, coming soon!

Number Twenty: They Almost Acquired SEGA. Microsoft was working with a deal that would have them acquire SEGA; however, Bill Gates pulled the company out of the deal because he was convinced SEGA couldn’t compete with Sony.

Number Nineteen: The First Windows Virus Appeared in 1992. The virus was called WinVer 1.4.

Number Eighteen: They Don’t Sell Software. Though most people think of Microsoft as a software company, in fact, they don’t sell software. They only license software and retain complete ownership rights. Other buyers purchase the right to use the software and then sell it.

Number Seventeen: They Almost Acquired YouTube. In 2006, Microsoft was given the opportunity to acquire YouTube. However, they didn’t get it, and it’s now the most popular video hosting website in the world.

Number Sixteen: Gates Has the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Bill Gates was presented with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 1992 by former president George Bush.

Number Fifteen: They Paid $35,000 for That “Microsoft Sound.” Brian Eno is the person responsible for the original startup music to Windows 95, dubbed the “Microsoft sound.” Eno was paid $35,000 for the music.

Number Fourteen: Employees Bring a Pound of M&Ms to Work on Their Anniversaries. Specifically, on the day of an employee’s first year of work at Microsoft, he (or she) brings in one pound of M&Ms. On his second work anniversary, he brings two pounds, and so on. We imagine it gets tricky after 10.

Number Thirteen: Gates Has Always Been a Coding Genius. Gates was able to code his way into getting what he wanted as early as high school. While in high school, he developed a program to alter his schedule so he could be in classes with all of the pretty girls.

Number Twelve: The Employees Have Fun. Microsoft makes sure its employees have fun every once in awhile, and the company occasionally hosts a puzzle hunt. Employees form groups and use clues to locate various prizes hidden all around the campus.

Number Eleven: Type 407,000 Words in a Minute Using This Trick. In Word, type “=rand(200,99)”, and hit enter. You’ll get 407,000 words that describe how to use Words’ QuickKeys.